Lettings Agents


An Lettings Welwyn in England agent following up for the benefit of the landowner who might be associated with the letting, lease gathering, administration, home specialist or other appropriately approved individual.

Overdue debts

Cash that is unpaid by an inhabitant in entire or to some extent after the date indicated in the tenure assention.

AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy)

A guaranteed shorthold occupancy offers the proprietor an ensured appropriate to repossess his/her property toward the finish of the term expressed in the tenure understanding.

Broker's Draft

A broker's draft is like a check, however the cash has been charged to your financial balance and it implies the individual accepting this will know it is sheltered cash. You will ordinarily need to give a bank in the UK 24 hours see and will be charged an organization expense.

Square Management

Alludes to operators following up for the benefit of freeholders and leaseholds for squares of lofts and pads. Ordinarily this includes arranging inner cleaning, cultivate upkeep, protection and refurbishment.

Holding or Bonded

The agent masterminds and keeps up, as a rule through an expert body, Client Money Protection Insurance which will repay general society in case of deceitful or exploitative misappropriation of customers' cash; and that the degree of cover meets the base criteria set now and again by the Board of The Dispute Service.

Break Clause

A provision at times embedded in a settled term occupancy, normally if the underlying settled term is for a year or more. A break condition will as a rule permit either proprietor or occupant to give two months composed notice at any phase after a specific date or time of the tenure, consequently ending the occupancy sooner than the finish of the first settled term. On the off chance that the underlying occupancy is reestablished a break provision might be asked for if either party don't know whether the can proceed with the agreement or not. May likewise be alluded to as a Release Clause.

Purchase to let Mortgage

A sort of home loan that is planned particularly for individuals purchasing a property with the expectation of then letting it.

Customer Account

A record set up in a bank, building society or other budgetary establishment particularly to hold cash hung in the interest of customers.

Basic Household

Where a private property is independent, shared and let in general house by at least two occupants. Inhabitants are typically mutually and severally subject under the occupancy understanding.

Organization Let

Let to a true blue organization.


A legitimate assention between the dealer and purchaser of a property which ties the two gatherings to finish the exchange.

Legally binding Obligation

A coupling commitment forced on gatherings to an agreement which, if not conformed to, ruptures the agreement.

Legally binding Term

A settled timeframe expressed in an agreement alluding to the time that the agreement will last.


The sub-division of a private property into bedsits, independent pads or maisonettes.

Board Tax

A neighborhood expert expense for England, Wales and Scotland, which is typically the duty of the occupant to pay.


A consent to abstain from or take part in a predetermined activity that is laid out in the terms of the tenure understanding, alludes to commitments or guarantees made by either the Landlord or Tenant.

Credit Search References

References asked for an inhabitant applying for leased settlement. Numerous specialists and individual landowners utilize outside organizations who will contact the candidate's boss, proprietor and furthermore look at the occupant's record as a consumer, giving a give an account of the forthcoming inhabitant's monetary reasonableness to lease.


A fiscal sum held by the landowner or agent for security against harm to a property. In Britain around the equal to six week rental is held. In April 2007 another framework was presented in England and Wales for Assured Shorthold Tenancies. The new Tenancy Deposit Scheme blends custodial and protection upheld store holding instruments. The proprietor or agent must enlist the tenure points of interest inside 14 days of the occupancy begin. Toward the finish of the tenure the inhabitant must be informed of any conclusions inside a given time.


Harm to a property or substance that surpasses adequate wear and tear.

Due Diligence

A procedure of performing obligations to the for the most part acknowledged proficient standard.

Obligation of Care

A commitment owed to others, particularly Landlords and Tenants, to give the right counsel in regards to lettings and guarantee the prosperity and wellbeing of the individuals who may visit the property.

Execute a Tenancy

The strategy to finish a lawfully substantial tenure by dating the Original (marked by the proprietor) and the Counterpart (marked by the occupant) and trading them. The date is legitimately thought to be the date on which the assention was made.


Contracts to let private property are for a settled term. On termination of that term an augmentation might be arranged, which can be alluded to as a restoration, for a further settled term, month-by-month or quarterly premise.

Installations and fittings

Things more often than not gave in a letting that may incorporate shades, rugs, blinds, light fittings, kitchen units and apparatuses. Now and again it might likewise incorporate furniture. It is prudent to check what is given and not to accept that things will be given.


Alludes to the responsibility for property and implies that it has a place with the proprietor without impediment of time, not at all like a leasehold.

Gas Safety Regulations

The Landlord must guarantee that a gas wellbeing look at is conveyed before a let and afterward every year after that. An approved CORGI enrolled design must do the check and a duplicate of the record should likewise be given to the occupant.

Ground Rent

The yearly charge payable by the leaseholder to the freeholder.

Reason For Possession

The explanations behind applying to the courts for repossession of a property.


A man who is set up to ensure rental installments and different commitments of an occupancy to a Landlord. The underwriter is at risk for rental installments if an inhabitant can't pay them, so the underwriter should have a general pay. References or credit look references will normally be taken up on an underwriter.


The time when occupants are permitted control of a property.

Head Lease

This sets out the guarantees the Landlord has made to his Superior Landlord. The guarantees contained in this Head Lease will sticky situation the Tenant in the event that he has earlier information of those guarantees.

High Rent tenure

Alludes to a tenure assention where the yearly lease is over £100,000 per annum, otherwise called a legally binding occupancy.

Holding Deposit

This is generally an ostensible sum (£100+) that will be requested when an occupant applies for a tenure of a property. On the off chance that the tenure does not continue in light of the fact that the occupant hauls out or the references are inadmissible, this store is regularly held by the specialist. Expecting the occupancy continues, at that point the sum is typically deducted from the primary month's rental or store.

Lodging Act Tenancy

As of now connected just to tenures which fall inside the extent of the Housing Act 1988 and Housing Act 1996.


House in various occupation, alludes to bedsits or pads which regularly offer an independent live with either cooking offices in the room, a common kitchen or shared lavatory and latrine offices. Under the Housing Act 2004 it will cover any property involved by more than one family unit that is a changed over building regardless of the possibility that the pads are not independent.

Beginning Term

This depicts the primary time of the occupancy.


A stock points of interest the substance of a property and can incorporate the state and state of a property including the installations, fittings and the garden. They ought to be checked in with the occupant toward the begin of the tenure and after that looked at with the inhabitant toward the end. Regularly an expert stock representative is utilized to complete the stock.

Joint and Several Liability

Where there is more than one grown-up living in the property, the tenure will state they are 'together and severally' dependable. This implies, together, the occupants are at risk for the installment of all rents and all liabilities falling upon the inhabitants amid the tenure, and any break of the Agreement. Separately each inhabitant is in charge of installment of all lease and all liabilities falling upon the occupant, and in addition any break of the Agreement until the point when the sum total of what installments have been made in full.


A man, people, organization or body that has the privilege to let the property.


Regularly mistook for tenure understanding this is typically a long rent on a condo. The genuine archive representing a rental is regularly known as a Tenancy Agreement.


Alludes to the individual in charge of allowing a rent, typically the proprietor.


A consent to let a specific property.

Upkeep Charge

A charge payable taking care of the expense of repairing and keeping up the outside or inside components of collective parts of a building, pervasive in pads and flat structures.

Overseeing Agent

An expert or organization dependable under an office understanding for the support and administration of the property.

Numerous Occupation

A property possessed by more than one inhabitant and not utilized as a solitary home, that is the place individual and private rooms might be bolted however where occupants share offices. This likewise incorporates any private property which is possessed by partitioned inhabitants under individual assentions.

Non-Housing Act

Private occupancies which don't meet the criteria of the Housing Act 1988 and Tenancies Act 1996 are known as Non-Housing Act Tenancies.


A Non-Residence Landlord Scheme shape which is sent to the Inland Revenue.

Notice Period

The measure of notice that the Landlord must give the Tenant to end the tenure and the other way around.

Inhabitance Rights

These are contained inside the tenure understanding and give the inhabitant right of inhabitance of the property.

Proprietor Occupier

The individual who claims the property who is, has been and will be living in the property as his so